Elektron Octatrack MKII

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Octatrack MKII is a new verison of the famous Elektron sampler Octatrack that was first released in 2010. The new Octatrack MKII has a new design with more sensitive encoders, backlit buttons and a bright OLED screen. It also has more buttons to make navigation easier and the knobs and buttons are labelled better.

Octatrack is an eight voice sampler and sequencer. It has 4 inputs to sample from. Octatrack can also work as an effect machine for incoming sound. The samples can be timestretched, pitched and mangled in many ways.

Octatrack has a unique fader which allows to fade from one scene to another. A scene is a set of parameters saved to a scene. The fader makes it possible to change multiple parameters at the same time.

Octatrack has a famous Elektron sequencer that allows microtiming, conditional trigs and trigless trigs. It has also 8 midi tracks to sequence external devices.


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