Synthpedia Loop Calendar 2017

We're happy to announce Synthpedia Loop Calendar 2017, with a new 128 BPM loop sample for your enjoyment every day until December 24. All the samples are produced by Synthpedia using various synthesizers and musical equipment. You are free to use the samples as you like under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. We can't wait to hear what you do with them!

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Retro inspired OTO Machines effect boxes

OTO Machines is a stereo effect box manufacturer. The effect boxes are very much inspired from the 80s, 70s and 60s effects. OTO Machines have four different boxes at the moment. BIM is a 12-bit delay unit, BAM is a space generator, BISCUIT is an 8-bit effect box and an analog filter and BOUM is a warming unit that's not released yet. These units mix the best of the old technology with a modern twist to them.

Read more about each effect box on

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Audiothingies Micromonsta - A new batch is out soon

Micromonsta is a small but intuitive digital 8 voice desktop synthesizer. There's a new batch ready to be shipped soon. Shipping will start around 23th May and orders are taken in now. The price is a little over 300 euros but for the money you get a very capable little synth. The Micromonsta features are:

8 voices of polyphony 2 oscillators, 1 sub oscillator, 1 multimode filter, 3 envelopes, 3 LFOs, 6 modulation slots, 3 scalers, 1 lag operator per voice 12 oscillator types + 30 (multi-sampled) wavetables (15 factory featuring both evolving sweeps and totally random wavetables + 15 user for your own creations) 8 filter types Powerful detuning options (both per voice and per oscillator) Powerful arpeggiator with step pattern editor, slide and accent capable for 303-ish arpeggiated phrases Deep modulation matrix (with for example filter parameters, envelope or LFO speeds as destination) A chorder module allowing the generation of 4-note chords within a key/scale Internal FXs 384 preset slots to store your sound creations

Visit their website to order or to read more:

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Synthesizer sampler sequencer Deluge by Synthstrom Audible

A fresh new synthesizer manufacturer Synthstrom Audible has released their first product Deluge. It pretty much covers everything. It has an FM and substractive synthesizer engine, it can play samples and on top of it all it works as a sequencer. Deluge has effects such as delay, reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, bitcrushing, sidechain effect and live stutter. It has LFOs and envelopes for each synthesizer and sample sound that can be customized with the pad matrix.

Deluges pad matrix is huge, 16 x 8, which sounds very promising thinking about sequencing. The pads can be changed into a keyboard, too. Also sequencing and polyphony is not limited by the program but by RAM and CPU. Synthstrom Audible Deluge can be used stand alone or with computer. Power supply is not included but can be bought separately.

The price is not yet announced but preorders can be made from Oct 25th on.

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Arturia Surprises With a 17 Voice Analog Drum Machine DrumBrute

Arturia has announced a new drum machine, DrumBrute, with 17 analog instruments. It has a two-mode 12dB Steiner-Parker filter to tweak the sound. It has a 64 step sequencer and patterns can be chained into longer songs. Patterns can be recorded with a step recording or real time recording. Swing can be applied to individual instruments or globally. The same applies to random-mode, individual instruments or the whole track can be created by the random function. Each instrument track can have their own length. Arturia DrumBrute has individual outs for each instrument.

Instruments: Kick 1, kick 2, snare, clap, hi-hat 1, hi-hat 2, conga hi, conga low, tom hi, tom low, maracas, rimshot, clave, tambourine, cymbal, reverse cymbal, zap. Some instruments like Rom & Clave, Maracas & Tambourine, Conga hi & Tom hi, Conga low & Tom low and Cymbal & Reverse cymbal share the same controls. However they can all be played simultaneously.

It costs 449 € and can be pre-ordered. It will be available on 17th November. Go here to buy it now

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DeepMind 12 Brings Augmented Reality into the Synthesizer World

Augmented reality has gradually become part of our lives. It's already used widely on mobile phone applications but isn't only limited to that. Behringer has accepted the challenge to add AR to the synthesizer world. They introduced an augmented reality interface for their upcoming synthesizer DeepMind 12 at at Synthfest. DeepMind 12 seems to be the first synthesizer to have an AR interface. Visual controls will appear right in front of you when wearing the augmented reality glasses. Behringer says that the AR interface is designed mainly for live performance, but can be used in a studio as well. The development of the interface is still in the beginning, but the Synthfest visitors could already try it out. It was taken in with mixed feelings, but the uppermost feeling was excitement. Will this start a wild AR race in the synthesizer markets?

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New Beta for SE Engine Sequencer

Social Entropy has published a new OS beta version V0.997a for Engine. It has a lot of new features among changes to the old ones and bugs have been fixed. Engine has been out of stock for a while, but will be available later this year.

New Features -

    * DOUBLE the number of snapshots (128) can be used.  While holding SNAPSHOT, use BACKWARDS/FORWARDS to change snapshot group.
    * DOUBLE the number of drum instruments (16) per pattern can be programmed. While holding DRUM SELECT, use BACKWARDS/FORWARDS to change group.
    * New PATTERN type: SYNTH2 - Used for more traditional polyphonic sequencing
    * New PATTERN direction: PROBABILITY - Determines if next step will increment or decrement. Adjust probability with knob 2 in direction mode
    * New NOTE REPEAT mode: STEP REPEAT - Step based note repeat, repeats an entire step before moving on (1-8 repeats)
    * New ARP direction: PATTERN - Arpeggiates the notes of the current pattern
    * New mode: REST - Allows keyboard to be played live while muting current pattern
    * New mode: REPLACE RECORD - Allows replace recording instead of overdub record
    * Three levels of velocity available for DRUM steps, use control knob 1 or click ACCENT while holding a drum step 
    * RECORD can now wait for note input before starting the sequencer, hold RECORD while clicking RUN, applies to ARP/ROLL as well.
    * SECTION transpose: in TIME mode FUNCTION + TRANSPOSE allows mini-keyboard to transpose the selected section
    * MIDI channel for PGM change messages can be set separately (per track), use knob 4 while setting PGM number    
    * TRACK UNSOLO, when soloing a track, now can click the soloed track to return to previous mute state
    * DRUM INSTRUMENT UNSOLO, when soloing an instrument, now can click the soloed instrument to return to previous mute state
    * CTRL UNSOLO, when soloing a control, now can click the soloed control to return to previous mute state
    * UNDO for operations clear/paste/randomize/change pattern type.  While in the function, RECORD LED shows possible UNDO, click RECORD to UNDO
    * CTRL knob track settings can now use different MIDI channel/port per knob or use track channel, set in UTILITY MODE
    * Boot option to wipe only pattern/song/snapshot data, hold step 13 button (FORMAT PATTERNS) while booting, click SECTION to confirm
    * TRACK CLEAR can clear track settings or clear all patterns in track to a particular type, in TRACK CLEAR use knob 1 and SECTION to confirm
    * CV mode "1 track" for synth1 type patterns sends clock signals out GATE outputs 1-6
    * Functions clear/copy/paste/rotate/randomize can now be applied to individual controls on CTRL type patterns, hold TRANSPOSE while performing
    * CTRL pattern steps can have slide set per controller
    * CTRL steps with SLIDE between them send intermediate MIDI CC value 

Changes -

    * Change CTRL pattern programming/view to be more consistent with DRUM type programming
    * Moved live keyboard mode from ARP/ROLL to REST MODE
    * Drum learn and MIDI Transpose can both be set in UTILITY mode regardless of current selected pattern type
    * CTRL step values can be changed using BACKWARD/FORWARD while holding control step
    * Soft MIDI thru TRACK mode now plays through CV output board also
    * USB MIDI sync output configured separately from other ports   
    * Reception of MIDI program change to change patterns can be disabled in GLOBAL CONFIG->INPUT CHAN->knob 3.
    * Operations on DRUM type patterns now apply to whole pattern by default, to apply to individual instrument, hold TRANSPOSE while performing
    * Pattern clear/copy/paste operations show used patterns on step LEDs, instead of the current pattern chain
    * Note move function now can wrap around pattern forwards/backwards

Bug Fixes -

    * MIDI messages sent from control knobs could cause MIDI data clogging
    * Out of range note values could cause CV board to crash
    * ARP/ROLL/LFO was not muted by track mute
    * Realtime transpose was recording a step late
    * ARP recording cut off notes during recording, many ARP refinements
    * SNAPSHOT not changing under certain conditions
    * CTRL step slides not cleared/copied
    * PENDULUM pattern direction not playing both directions before switching
    * Occasional hanging note when leaving RECORD mode
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This is what to expect on 909 Day!

The Interned is leaking images of the new products by Roland that are to be announced on 909 Day! So it seems that a reissues of the 909 and 303 are coming! TR-09 and TB-03 have the same look as their predecessors with very little difference. Is the legendary design the only thing that tells these apart from the Aira TR-8 and TB-3? That's what we will find out next Friday. But one thing is for sure, the old new looks seem very appealing to many of us!

A new Aira look alike synthesizer is also to be expected! The System-8 polyphony synth with quite a few knobs to be tweaked. The Boutique line is also getting a new product, Vocoder VP-03.

Friday come soon, we want to know every little detail about these new amazing synthesizers!

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Korg Announces New Products

Korg has been very innovative with new products lately. Three new but very different synthesizers were announced by Korg today.

The Volca series have got a new synth, Volca Kick! This synthesizer has its focus on creating analogue kick drum sounds. It has a familiar looking Volca kind of step sequencer. However the keyboard has a new Touch FX feature that lets the effect be controlled by touch. Volca Kick also has an MS-20 filter.

Not only did Korg release totally new products, but it made a reissue of the legendary ARP Odyssey. This synth looks exactly like the predecessor but it's a module version with no keyboard. The build and sounds truly reminds of the original one. Isn't it just amazing!

Another reproduction that was released, is Korg MicroKORG S. The original MicorKORG was released in 2002 and now, 14 years later, the new S one has some updates to it. Korg MicroKORG S has built-in speakers, new presets and and an increased memory to save user patches!

See below the demos of all these three new synthesizers.

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909 Day and new product releases by Roland

Exciting news from Roland! Soon it will be again 909 Day. As 33 years have gone from the TR-909 Rhythm Composer release it's also time to come up with something new. There will be a live-stream event to celebrate the long success of 909 but the exciting part is; new electronic music instruments will be introduced too! Since this information was shared on Roland Airas social media, the new products might very likely continue the Aira series. Discussions among Roland users have been whether there will be a new separate TR-9 drum machine or perhaps a sampler. Roland stays mysterious and lets us all wait impatiently for the 9th of September!

The original post by Roland Aira

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Remake of The Soviet synthesizer Polivoks

Remember the legendary Soviet synthesizer Polivoks? There's going to be a remake of this synthesizer with a new, compact design.

The original Polivoks was manufactured in the Soviet Union from 1982 to 1990 by Formanta Radio Factory. It is one of the most well known Soviet synthesizer. This was party due to its unique sounds and features. It was supposed to be like many other synthesizers in the markets, but for its own good it was quite not the same. For example, Polivoks filter could be switched from low pass to band pass.

The new Polivoks will be party made of the same parts that were used in the old one. New features are added but the authentic shematics are left. The appearance respects its predecessor, but the keyboard is left away and it's made smaller and more compact - the way many synthesizers go these days.

These synthesizers are made in Moswcow and only 100 pieces will be available! Go and see if you can still have yours on

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Build your own synthesizer with Patchblocks

Patchblocks are small synthesizer modules that can be programmed by user. Patchblock can be anything from filter to bass synthesizer. One unit has two knobs and two buttons and it costs GBP 45,00. The great thing is that you can always reprogram your Patchblock to fulfill your current needs. And the more you have them the more possibilities open for you!

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Korg Volca FM

Korg Volca FM continues the successful Volca series with digital FM synthesis. Volca FM has a three voice polyphony and it has the classic FM sounds. Making your own patch is made smooth with knobs compared to many old FM synthesizers. Volca FM has a few new features that the previous Volca synthesizers don't have. It comes with a built-in arpeggiator, warp active step and pattern chain. These features are a great addition to this mini synthesizer that's already full of features. It's priced the same way as the other Volca synthesizers, around GBP 125,00 (145€). This synthesizer seems like a lot of fun and makes a great company to analog gear!

Leave a comment below and tell us what you think about this new Volca synthesizer!

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Hello synthesizer enthusiasts!

We have good news for you, we have published a new comprehensive website that covers information on synthesizers, drum machines, samplers and other related music gear!

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Behringer DeepMind 12

Behringer has given out some information on their new upcoming synthesizer. It's called DeepMind 12 and it's a 12 voice analog polyphony synthesizer. Have to admit that analog with 12 voices sound quite promising. Behringer has been working on this new synth for a year and a half now and finally we are getting to see a glimpse of it.

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