Social Entropy Engine

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Social Entropy Engine is a multitrack hardware sequencer. It has 8 polyphonic tracks that can be set either as a four polyphony synthesizer track or a 16 polyphony drum track. In synthesizer mode all four notes have their individual length, pitch and velocity.

One pattern can be up to 64 steps long and they can be chained together to have even 1024 steps. One track has 512 patterns.

Social Entropy Engine has 6 control knobs that can send MIDI messages or control voltages with the CV expansion.

Engine has three types of recording, realtime, grid and step recording. Grid recording is good for drums and synth lines. Realtime recording lets you record directly from a midi keyboard or controller. Step recording goes one step by step. Engine has a built in arpeggiator too.

Engine has an LCD screen, but it's not the center of Engine. It provides some additional information like tempo, but using this sequencer does not require looking at the screen.

Social Entropy Engine has a lot more features than is seen on the board. Many of them are available by holding some button down while pressing other buttons. However, this feature has been made easier so that the selected mode can be locked. In this mode the first function button does not need to be pressed down anymore to access the features.

Engine has one DIN Midi input and two DIN Midi outputs. It also has a USB Midi port to sync with computer.

Engine can be expanded by a CV board with 16 configurable output jacks, which turns it into a real analog sequencer.


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