Remake of The Soviet synthesizer Polivoks

Remember the legendary Soviet synthesizer Polivoks? There's going to be a remake of this synthesizer with a new, compact design.

The original Polivoks was manufactured in the Soviet Union from 1982 to 1990 by Formanta Radio Factory. It is one of the most well known Soviet synthesizer. This was party due to its unique sounds and features. It was supposed to be like many other synthesizers in the markets, but for its own good it was quite not the same. For example, Polivoks filter could be switched from low pass to band pass.

The new Polivoks will be party made of the same parts that were used in the old one. New features are added but the authentic shematics are left. The appearance respects its predecessor, but the keyboard is left away and it's made smaller and more compact - the way many synthesizers go these days.

These synthesizers are made in Moswcow and only 100 pieces will be available! Go and see if you can still have yours on

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