Korg Announces New Products

Korg has been very innovative with new products lately. Three new but very different synthesizers were announced by Korg today.

The Volca series have got a new synth, Volca Kick! This synthesizer has its focus on creating analogue kick drum sounds. It has a familiar looking Volca kind of step sequencer. However the keyboard has a new Touch FX feature that lets the effect be controlled by touch. Volca Kick also has an MS-20 filter.

Not only did Korg release totally new products, but it made a reissue of the legendary ARP Odyssey. This synth looks exactly like the predecessor but it's a module version with no keyboard. The build and sounds truly reminds of the original one. Isn't it just amazing!

Another reproduction that was released, is Korg MicroKORG S. The original MicorKORG was released in 2002 and now, 14 years later, the new S one has some updates to it. Korg MicroKORG S has built-in speakers, new presets and and an increased memory to save user patches!

See below the demos of all these three new synthesizers.

korg volca-kick on Synthpedia
korg arp-odyssey-module on Synthpedia
korg microkorg-s on Synthpedia