This is what to expect on 909 Day!

The Interned is leaking images of the new products by Roland that are to be announced on 909 Day! So it seems that a reissues of the 909 and 303 are coming! TR-09 and TB-03 have the same look as their predecessors with very little difference. Is the legendary design the only thing that tells these apart from the Aira TR-8 and TB-3? That's what we will find out next Friday. But one thing is for sure, the old new looks seem very appealing to many of us!

A new Aira look alike synthesizer is also to be expected! The System-8 polyphony synth with quite a few knobs to be tweaked. The Boutique line is also getting a new product, Vocoder VP-03.

Friday come soon, we want to know every little detail about these new amazing synthesizers!

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