New Beta for SE Engine Sequencer

Social Entropy has published a new OS beta version V0.997a for Engine. It has a lot of new features among changes to the old ones and bugs have been fixed. Engine has been out of stock for a while, but will be available later this year.

New Features -

    * DOUBLE the number of snapshots (128) can be used.  While holding SNAPSHOT, use BACKWARDS/FORWARDS to change snapshot group.
    * DOUBLE the number of drum instruments (16) per pattern can be programmed. While holding DRUM SELECT, use BACKWARDS/FORWARDS to change group.
    * New PATTERN type: SYNTH2 - Used for more traditional polyphonic sequencing
    * New PATTERN direction: PROBABILITY - Determines if next step will increment or decrement. Adjust probability with knob 2 in direction mode
    * New NOTE REPEAT mode: STEP REPEAT - Step based note repeat, repeats an entire step before moving on (1-8 repeats)
    * New ARP direction: PATTERN - Arpeggiates the notes of the current pattern
    * New mode: REST - Allows keyboard to be played live while muting current pattern
    * New mode: REPLACE RECORD - Allows replace recording instead of overdub record
    * Three levels of velocity available for DRUM steps, use control knob 1 or click ACCENT while holding a drum step 
    * RECORD can now wait for note input before starting the sequencer, hold RECORD while clicking RUN, applies to ARP/ROLL as well.
    * SECTION transpose: in TIME mode FUNCTION + TRANSPOSE allows mini-keyboard to transpose the selected section
    * MIDI channel for PGM change messages can be set separately (per track), use knob 4 while setting PGM number    
    * TRACK UNSOLO, when soloing a track, now can click the soloed track to return to previous mute state
    * DRUM INSTRUMENT UNSOLO, when soloing an instrument, now can click the soloed instrument to return to previous mute state
    * CTRL UNSOLO, when soloing a control, now can click the soloed control to return to previous mute state
    * UNDO for operations clear/paste/randomize/change pattern type.  While in the function, RECORD LED shows possible UNDO, click RECORD to UNDO
    * CTRL knob track settings can now use different MIDI channel/port per knob or use track channel, set in UTILITY MODE
    * Boot option to wipe only pattern/song/snapshot data, hold step 13 button (FORMAT PATTERNS) while booting, click SECTION to confirm
    * TRACK CLEAR can clear track settings or clear all patterns in track to a particular type, in TRACK CLEAR use knob 1 and SECTION to confirm
    * CV mode "1 track" for synth1 type patterns sends clock signals out GATE outputs 1-6
    * Functions clear/copy/paste/rotate/randomize can now be applied to individual controls on CTRL type patterns, hold TRANSPOSE while performing
    * CTRL pattern steps can have slide set per controller
    * CTRL steps with SLIDE between them send intermediate MIDI CC value 

Changes -

    * Change CTRL pattern programming/view to be more consistent with DRUM type programming
    * Moved live keyboard mode from ARP/ROLL to REST MODE
    * Drum learn and MIDI Transpose can both be set in UTILITY mode regardless of current selected pattern type
    * CTRL step values can be changed using BACKWARD/FORWARD while holding control step
    * Soft MIDI thru TRACK mode now plays through CV output board also
    * USB MIDI sync output configured separately from other ports   
    * Reception of MIDI program change to change patterns can be disabled in GLOBAL CONFIG->INPUT CHAN->knob 3.
    * Operations on DRUM type patterns now apply to whole pattern by default, to apply to individual instrument, hold TRANSPOSE while performing
    * Pattern clear/copy/paste operations show used patterns on step LEDs, instead of the current pattern chain
    * Note move function now can wrap around pattern forwards/backwards

Bug Fixes -

    * MIDI messages sent from control knobs could cause MIDI data clogging
    * Out of range note values could cause CV board to crash
    * ARP/ROLL/LFO was not muted by track mute
    * Realtime transpose was recording a step late
    * ARP recording cut off notes during recording, many ARP refinements
    * SNAPSHOT not changing under certain conditions
    * CTRL step slides not cleared/copied
    * PENDULUM pattern direction not playing both directions before switching
    * Occasional hanging note when leaving RECORD mode


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