Waldorf microQ


The Waldorf microQ is a digital synthesizer and sound module designed by Waldorf Music. It is a compact, powerful and affordable synthesizer that is capable of producing a wide range of sounds. It has been used by many artists, including Nine Inch Nails, The Prodigy, and Aphex Twin.

The microQ works by combining two oscillators, a filter, an envelope generator, and a modulation matrix. The oscillators can be used to create a variety of sounds, from classic analog-style sounds to more modern digital sounds. The filter can be used to shape the sound, while the envelope generator can be used to create dynamic changes in the sound. The modulation matrix allows for complex modulation of the sound, allowing for a wide range of sound design possibilities.

The microQ also features a built-in arpeggiator, a step sequencer, and a variety of effects. It also has a USB port for connecting to a computer, allowing for easy integration with a DAW. The microQ is a great choice for anyone looking for a powerful and affordable synthesizer.

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