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E-mu Emulator X is a software synthesizer developed by E-mu Systems. It is a powerful virtual instrument that allows users to create and manipulate sounds. It has been used by many professional musicians, producers, and sound designers.

E-mu Emulator X works by using a combination of sample-based synthesis and physical modeling. It allows users to create sounds from scratch or to modify existing sounds. It also includes a library of over 10,000 sounds, as well as a variety of effects and filters.

Some of the features of E-mu Emulator X include: a powerful sound engine, a library of over 10,000 sounds, a variety of effects and filters, a step sequencer, a multi-timbral mode, and a variety of modulation options. It also includes a variety of tools for sound design, such as a waveform editor, a filter editor, and an envelope editor.

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