E-mu SP-1200 Drum Sampler


The E-mu SP-1200 Drum Sampler is a classic drum machine and sampler from the late 1980s. It was used by many hip-hop and electronic music producers, including Dr. Dre, DJ Premier, and the Beastie Boys. It is a powerful tool for creating beats and samples, and it has a wide range of features.

The SP-1200 has 12-bit sampling, which allows for a wide range of sounds to be sampled and manipulated. It also has a built-in sequencer, allowing users to create patterns and sequences. It has a variety of effects, including reverb, delay, and distortion. It also has a built-in compressor and EQ, allowing users to shape their sounds. Finally, it has a variety of outputs, including MIDI, allowing users to connect it to other devices.

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