Korg D888


Korg D888 is a digital recording studio released by Korg in the early 2000s. It is a powerful and versatile recording device that allows users to record, mix, and master audio with ease. It has been used by many professional musicians, producers, and engineers, including the likes of Dr. Dre, Kanye West, and Pharrell Williams.

The Korg D888 features a 24-bit/96kHz audio interface, 8-track simultaneous recording, and a built-in effects processor. It also has a built-in mixer with EQ, panning, and level controls, as well as a built-in metronome and tuner. Additionally, the Korg D888 has a variety of inputs and outputs, including MIDI, USB, and S/PDIF. It also has a built-in CD burner and a variety of software tools for editing and mastering audio.

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