Korg microKONTROL


Korg microKONTROL is a MIDI controller designed for use with music production software. It is a compact, portable device that allows users to control their music production software with a variety of knobs, sliders, and buttons. It has been used by many professional musicians, producers, and DJs, including Skrillex, Deadmau5, and Diplo.

The microKONTROL features eight knobs, eight sliders, and 32 buttons, as well as a built-in arpeggiator and a step sequencer. It also has a built-in USB port for connecting to a computer, and it can be used with any MIDI-compatible software. The knobs and sliders can be used to control various parameters of the software, such as volume, panning, and effects. The buttons can be used to trigger samples, loops, and other functions. The arpeggiator and step sequencer allow users to create complex patterns and rhythms.

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