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Volca Sample is a simple 8-voice sampler with built-in sequencing and sample parameter editing. Samples can be uploaded using a smartphone application or a computer, but not recorded directly. The sequencer includes motion sequencing, active step, step jump and swing features and song mode. The analog isolator can be used as a global filter and there is also a built-in reverb effect.

The sample memory can hold 100 separate samples, totalling 4 MB or 65 seconds of 31.25 kHZ 16 bit audio.

Volca Sample can be powered using batteries or a power adapter. It also has a built-in speaker for mobile use. It can be synchronized to other Volcas using the Sync connector or controlled using the MIDI input connector. The MIDI implementation is fixed to channels 1-10, which play parts 1-10, with very limited support for MIDI parameters such as velocity.

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