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Korg Gadget is a music production software developed by Korg, a Japanese company that specializes in electronic musical instruments. It is a powerful and intuitive music production suite that allows users to create music on their computer or mobile device. It has been used by professional musicians, producers, and DJs, as well as hobbyists and amateurs.

Korg Gadget works by allowing users to create music using a variety of virtual instruments, effects, and tools. It features a library of over 40 different gadgets, each with its own unique sound and capabilities. These gadgets can be combined to create complex musical compositions. It also includes a range of sequencing and recording tools, allowing users to record and edit their music. Additionally, Korg Gadget includes a range of effects and tools for mixing and mastering. Finally, it also includes a range of sharing and collaboration features, allowing users to share their music with others.

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