Korg Kaoss Pad Entrancer


Korg Kaoss Pad Entrancer is a real-time audio effects processor and loop sequencer. It is designed to allow users to create and manipulate audio loops and effects in real-time. It has been used by a variety of artists, including Skrillex, Deadmau5, and Aphex Twin.

The Kaoss Pad Entrancer works by allowing users to manipulate audio loops and effects in real-time. It features a touchpad that allows users to control the effects and loops with their finger. It also features a variety of knobs and buttons that allow users to adjust the parameters of the effects and loops. Additionally, it has a built-in sequencer that allows users to create and store their own loops and effects. Finally, it has a built-in microphone input that allows users to record their own sounds and manipulate them with the Kaoss Pad Entrancer.

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