Roland Aira MX-1 Mix Performer

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Roland MX-1 is a programmable digital mixer with various built-in effects and a MIDI-controlled effect sequencer. It has 4 analog mono inputs, 1 analog stereo input, 1 digital stereo input, 4 USB stereo inputs and 1 USB PC input. The USB inputs are intended for use with compatible Roland Aira and Boutique devices and will also carry MIDI messages.

Each channel has separate volume and gain settings, Beat FX setting, Master FX setting, filter and pan settings. There is also an aux send/receive feature for external effects. The Master FX is a global effect applied to all selected channels, while the Beat FX is a sequenced effect that can be separately chosen for each channel, allowing e.g. sidechaining and slicing.

MX-1 also includes various other features, such as saving/restoring scenes, MIDI sync and mastering effects.


Product Information