Roland JX-03 Boutique Sound Module


Roland JX-03 is a digital 4-voice reimplementation of the JX-3P synthesizer. It includes the rotary knobs that were introduced by the optional PG-200 controller. There are also some other extensions, such as new waveforms, expanded DCO range and cross modulation options.

The JX-03 has two ribbon controllers for sound preview and parameters, and it also supports the Roland K-25m keyboard for live performing. Two JX-03 synths can be combined into a one 8-voice module.

The device can be powered using batteries or an external power adapter. It includes a built-in speaker for mobile use. The USB interface can be connected to a computer or to the Roland MX-1 mixer. Alternatively the synthesizer can be controlled through the MIDI input using a sequencer or DAW.

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