Roland TD20K V-Pro Series kit


The Roland TD20K V-Pro Series kit is a professional electronic drum set designed for use in live performance and studio recording. It is a high-end kit that features a wide range of sounds and features, including a large selection of drum and percussion sounds, a built-in sequencer, and a variety of effects. It has been used by a variety of professional drummers, including Dave Grohl, Travis Barker, and Chad Smith.

The TD20K V-Pro Series kit works by using a combination of acoustic and electronic components. The kit includes a set of acoustic drums, cymbals, and hardware, as well as a sound module that contains a variety of drum and percussion sounds. The sound module is connected to the acoustic drums and cymbals via trigger pads, which allow the user to trigger the sounds from the module. The sound module also includes a built-in sequencer, which allows the user to program and store drum patterns.

The TD20K V-Pro Series kit also features a variety of effects, including reverb, delay, and EQ. It also includes a variety of inputs and outputs, allowing the user to connect the kit to a variety of external devices, such as a computer or a mixing board. The kit also includes a variety of accessories, such as a drum throne, drum sticks, and a drum key.

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