Roland SH-2000 Synthesizer


The Roland SH-2000 Synthesizer is an analog synthesizer released by Roland in 1972. It was one of the first synthesizers to feature a built-in sequencer and was used by many famous musicians, including Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, and Kraftwerk.

The SH-2000 is a monophonic synthesizer, meaning it can only play one note at a time. It features two oscillators, a low-pass filter, an envelope generator, and a noise generator. It also has a built-in sequencer, allowing users to program and store up to 16 notes. The SH-2000 also features a built-in spring reverb and a ring modulator.

The SH-2000 is a great choice for those looking for an affordable, vintage analog synthesizer. It is capable of producing a wide range of sounds, from warm, mellow tones to harsh, distorted sounds. It is also capable of creating complex sequences and rhythms.

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